• Tom

(Mobile) studio photography

I got asked to update these family portraits that were made a decade ago by a different photographer in his full-blown studio.

During a yearly family reunion I used their biggest bedroom and set up the following: a Nissin i60A speedlight in a softbox, a tiny Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 continuous light, a reflector and a vintage slide screen that worked great as a portable background with adjustable height.

I'll try to remember updating this post when the black & white prints are up against the wall, but in the meantime here are a few of the colour pics.

For a seasoned studio photographer this probably looks super simple - and it is! - but any other pic you've ever seen from me has been natural light only, so I thought I'd share some insight on the set-up anyway. Maybe I'll do some more gear related posts in the future.

Update: since this assignment I've upgraded to a Godox V1 and a Godox AD300 Pro, with trigger and modifiers of course. Expect more mobile studio photography soon!

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