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label discography

In September 2006, a few months after I started working as a label assistant at N.E.W.S. Records & Distribution, I got the chance to start my own label Curle Recordings. I'm proud and humbled that the list of people that decided to make music for Curle includes Efdemin, Lucy, Thomas Brinkmann, Move D, Gavin Russom, Swayzak, Agents Of Time, Marc Houle, Baikal, Farrago, Tobias Freund, Sebastian Mullaert, Rone, Donato Dozzy, Nina Kraviz, DJ Koze, Roman Fluegel, DVS1, Scott Grooves, ERP, Atom TM, Kangding Ray, Linkwood, Terrence Dixon, John Beltran, DJ Qu, Fred P, Patrice Scott, Pariah, Martyn, Rocketnumbernine, Matthew Herbert... The last release was in November 2018. You'll notice I've cancelled most social media accounts in the meantime, but Spotify, Youtube or Beatport will remain active of course. And vinyl is forever!

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